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 +**LEVEL 1** 
 +Able to mount your pet by right clicking with lead 
 +**LEVEL 2** 
 +Shoot 34 snowballs per minute which causes 2 damage each 
 +Can use Duel behavior mode 
 +**LEVEL 3** 
 +Has 18 inventory slots 
 +**LEVEL 4** 
 +Can pick up items within a meter 
 +**LEVEL 5** 
 +Has 27 inventory slots 
 +**LEVEL 6** 
 +Can now be controlled with leash 
 +**LEVEL 7** 
 +Can use Friendly and Duel behavior modes 
 +**LEVEL 8** 
 +Can now sprint towards the target 
 +**LEVEL 9** 
 +Has a 50% chance to reflect 20% of incoming damage 
 +**LEVEL 10** 
 +Regeneration II and Water Breathing beacon for 8 seconds within 10 meters