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 +=== How To Get a Pet ===
 +It's up to you to find the mob you want and capture it as a pet.
 +Once you found the mob you want it must meet it's leash requirements.
 +You can see each mobs leash requirement here on the wiki.
 +Once your mob has met the leash requirements you just hit your mob with a lead.
 +After hitting your mob it will convert from a normal mob into a pet.
 +=== Taking Care of Your Pet ===
 +Having a pet is not just a cute shadow that follows you, you need to teach it new skills.
 +You need to choose a skill tree in order for your pet to level up.
 +Just use the command **/pcst [tree]**
 +=== Available Skill Trees ===
 +  * [[pets_combat|Combat]]
 +  * [[pets_pvp|PVP]]
 +  * [[pets_ride|Ride]]
 +  * [[pets_farm|Farm]]
 +  * [[pets_utility|Utility]]
 +=== Pet Commands ===
 +**/mypet** - Show available pet commands.
 +**/petinfo** - Show info about your pet.
 +**/petname [name]** - Set the name of your pet.
 +**/petrelease [name]** - Release the pet.
 +**/petcall** - Teleport your pet to you.
 +**/petsendaway** - Send your pet away. You can call it back later.
 +**/petswitch** - Allows you to switch between pets.
 +**/petstore** - Allows you to store your pet. You can store up to 5 pets.
 +**/petskill** - Shows info about the skills of your pet.
 +**/petstop** - Orders your pet to stop attacking his target.
 +**/petinventory** - Opens your pets inventory.
 +**/petchooseskilltree [tree]** - Select a skill tree for your pet.
 +**/petpickup** - Toggles if your pet will pickup items.
 +**/petbeacon** - Opens the beacon window of your pet.
 +**/petbehavior [mode]** - Toggles the behavior of your pet.
 + friendly - Will not fight even when attacked​
 + normal - Will fight back when its attacked​
 + aggressive - Automatically attacks everything within 15 blocks of you​
 + farm - Automatically attacks every monster within 15 blocks of you​
 + raid - Like normal but the pet will not attack players​
 + duel - Will attack other pets that have duel behavior withing 5 blocks